Why should I buy Facebook Likes?

Why should you buy facebook likes? Is it really worth it? What are the reasons and advantages?
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Permanent Facebook Likes, a Myth?

Do Permanent and Stable likes really exist? Do they stay forever or will they eventually disappear? Here are our experiences.
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What are Facebook Likes, Followers, Subscribers and Fans?

Today we would like to address some definitions in order to clarify some Facebook terms and concepts. What are Facebook Likes, Followers, Subscribers and Fans? What are the differences between those concepts?
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Real Facebook Likes VS Fake Facebook Likes

One of the most asked questions about buying facebook likes, is if the likes are coming from real people or if they are coming from fake accounts. Which of them is safer? Which one is permanent?
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How to get a facebook username?

First of all we should define what exactly is a "facebook username". And then we will explain how to get the desired username.
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