Today we would like to address some definitions in order to clarify some Facebook terms and concepts. What are Facebook Likes, Followers, Subscribers and Fans? What are the differences between those concepts?

There is a general confusion about those concepts because their names and usage has been changed over the years. We will talk about all those concepts in 2 sections.

Facebook Likes or Facebook Fans?

Lets first cover the Facebook Likes and  Facebook Fans concepts. Basically both those concepts means the same thing. What used to be called fans a few years back is now referred to as likes.

When the concept was first introduced, people were creating what was called Facebook Fanpages back then. And when Facebook users wanted to follow a Fanpage, they would be fanned with that fanpage in order to receive updates from that Fanpage. And that Fanpage used to show the amount of fans they have. So a few years back people were trying to increase their Facebook Fans, and we used to sell Facebook Fans.

However Facebook has decided to change this concept, probably because the name may not be compatible with all the business, causes, etc. So they have decided to change the name from Fanpages to Facebook Pages. So now, what used to be called a Fanpage is now a Facebook page. Facebook Pages can be created from every personal facebook account from the following link:

And when facebook has decided to change this concept, they have also changed the term Fan. They have removed it and replaced it with Likes. So what used to be called Facebook Fans; is now called Facebook Likes. Basically the amount of likes a Facebook page has is the amount personal facebook accounts following that Facebook page.

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Please note that we are still using the term Facebook Fans on our website, because there are still many users referring to the service as Facebook Fans.

Facebook Followers or Facebook Subscribers?

Just like your personal account, some celebrities, artists, etc have personal accounts on Facebook too. And the way to be linked to those other personal accounts is to follow them. Once you follow a personal account, you will become their followers, and you will start to receive new and updates from them on your newsfeed.

The latest change of terminology has been made just on that concept. We do not know why Facebook has decided to change that, but we believe it was made to unify the concept on all social networks. And people are more familiar with the terms, Follow; and Follower. The concept is actually fairly new for Facebook, as it's only a couple of years ago, they decided people should be able to follow people. But instead of calling it followers they have decided to call it something else probably to differ from other social networks. So they come up with the term Subscriber; and Subscribe. So you were able to subscribe to people who were letting their account to be subscribed. But this only lasted less than a year. Suddenly Facebook has decided to change the name in favor of the most common terms; Followers.

So currently the correct term for the concept is Facebook Followers. However since some people are still referring to it as Facebook Subscribers; we had to keep this version too on our website.

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