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Amazon is one of the world’s largest e-commerce websites.

They’ll sell you literally everything and anything straight to your chosen location – and that’s true whether the user is on the lookout for a video game or a single, fresh onion.

Amazon Music is one of the arms of the larger Amazon brand. While they might appear “new on the block” as far as music streaming might go, the Amazon name is one that most people would recognize.

What else is Amazon Music?

Essential for any artist who wants to be noticed.

· Create your profile on Amazon Music to get started. Next, we’ll show you how to get the most promotional value out of your account. (

Here’s how to make the most of your Amazon Music profile (and how to monetize the engagement of your listeners).

More About Amazon Music

Amazon Music is so much more than just a website that connects people to playlists.

For artists, Amazon Music is a powerful way to promote their content. Right now, it might be one of the most powerful ways – and Amazon Music is only getting bigger across the world.

What should YOU be doing with it?

Well, here are our tips:

1. Create a strong profile.

A strong profile is the first recommended step for anyone who wants to sell, promote, or influence anyone with their online content.

Create your Amazon Music profile, and be detailed.

Focus on using keywords that will attract people to your niche, your style, and your content.

Good luck!

2. Make content great, not just good.

Good content will get liked and shared, but great content is what eventually sells.

If you want to be a successful Amazon Music user that gets paid for what they put out there, start with making sure your content is always great (not just good).

3. Don’t just promote, sell.

While promotion and selling might go together, they are not the same thing. Consider them separate animals that you will have to tame if you want to be a successful influencer.

Promote your content to get noticed. That gets you views, shares, and likes.

Sell your content (and often, ad space) to get money. This is done by sparking engagement.

Convince the user that your content is worth paying for – and make sure that what you upload is enough to give them a taste of what they can get if they pay for it.

Making Money (On Amazon Music)

Your Amazon Music account can get you a lot of hits. But hits are not worth cash. Here’s how to make money from your Amazon Music account instead of just listens or views:

· Sign up as a seller. You’ll need a specific account as a content creator (to set you apart from users who are there to listen instead of upload stuff). Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start selling stuff.

· Keep sales in mind. You want more than just hits out of the deal, and that takes promotion with a sales angle. Give people testers, tasters, and teasers (and entice them to pay when they want to hear more).

· Get featured somewhere. When people look up songs or content, they often saw it somewhere else first. Get your content featured in websites, blogs, and playlists. It encourages users to look for your work on other platforms, like Amazon Music.

Need Amazon Music Promotion Help?

Now what? Monetizing your Amazon Music profile isn’t an overnight process – but it can be if you hire us. We can provide your profile with 100% guaranteed organic plays instantly.