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What is DailyMotion?

DailyMotion is a French web video-sharing site primarily owned by French TV and movie producer Vivendi. The site is open to all visitors, even non-French speakers, and offers an extensive library of online videos in a variety of genres and formats, as well as being the hub for video sharing on the Internet. The site launched in France in 2003 with the support of French public TV station TF1 and since then has gained popularity in both Europe and North America, especially in the UK.

DailyMotion is now widely used as an online for all types of audiences. The site features many categories such as Music, Drama, Sports, Children, Documentaries, Gaming, and a large number of other categories that are not exclusively music-related. North American launch partners were BBC News, Vice, Bloomberg, Hearst Digital Media, and CNN. DailyMotion is currently available in 25 countries worldwide and in more than four localized versions containing local content and local home pages. The French language version of the website is known as Videouche, while the English version is known as Videoweb.

Videos on DailyMotion are typically submitted directly through the site and allow the loader to post up to 10 videos on the site. There are also many third-party programs that can be used to upload and organize video files and make them available for other users. The interface is very user friendly with the ability to search through the categories and subcategories and upload your video from the search form.