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This service involves increasing the number of people who follow your Facebook page. This can help to increase the visibility and credibility of your business on the platform, as a higher number of followers can indicate to potential customers that your business is popular and well-regarded.

Facebook Follower  services are available for all Personal Facebook Accounts and Facebook Pages.

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Being the most popular social media network, Facebook is probably where you want to start marketing or promoting your products and services. And if you would like to do that from your personal Facebook account, the new Facebook Follow option is just for you. You will not be bound by the 5,000 friends limit on Facebook, and you can get as many followers as you want to your personal account, or your Facebook page.

People following  to your account will receive all your posts, status updates in their newsfeed, just as if they were your friends on Facebook. This option, will remove all the limits on your account, and you can reach as many people as you can. This works just like the other social networks.

In order to use our services, the “followers” option should be enabled on your personal account, as this is not enabled by default. You would need to go to your “account settings” and then choose the “Public posts” option from the left navigation menu. And you would have to choose the “Public” option under the “Who can follow me” section. Once you have activated this option you should now see the follow option on your timeline, and you are ready to get as many followers as possible to increase your reach. Also note that a box on your timeline will now show the amount of followers you have.

Tutorial for activating followers on mobile devices:

Tutorial for activating followers on mobile devices

Tutorial for activating followers on a PC:

Tutorial for activating followers on a PC

More Followers will drive even more Followers to your account and after a certain amount of Followers you will notice a continuous increase in your follower base, because Facebook’s Follower suggestion system will prioritize accounts that have 10,000 or more Followers, meaning once you get to this number, Facebook will start showing your account randomly to other Facebook users. And this will increase the amount users following your account automatically.

Please note that the “follow” Facebook social plugins has been depreciated, and is not used any longer.