Below is a list of the services we provide on the Apple Music platform.

Apple is one of the world’s largest tech brands – and of course, most people know them from their phones, computers, and general innovation in the technology space.

But what about their combination of social media and streaming?

Video didn’t kill the radio star, but streaming might have strangled it. Streaming is how most people access their videos, their music, and other forms of entertainment.

As an artist, if you don’t have your work showcased on the most popular streaming platforms (that will include Amazon and Apple Music), you’re invisible to the world.

· Completely new to Apple Music as an artist or influencer? Create your account/profile and become part of the website first. Then, let’s show you what to do with it from there. (

Here’s what users should know about getting their profile noticed on Apple Music

More About Apple Music

Apple Music was launched in 2015. Today, it has millions of users – and millions of songs zipping around the platform.

When people want to listen to a song (or find new playlist/artists), they skip the radio. They go to streaming services like Apple Music.

Influencer? Musician? Artist?

Using Apple Music gives you control of how your work gets out there.

It can even get your art to sell.

Apple Music: Why Use It?

Platforms like Apple Music are worth more than just streams, views, or hits on your content.

When used right, these platforms can help you to turn this engagement into cash.

For every download or contribution that your song gets, you’ll get a percentage.

Apple Music is more than just a platform for music promotion. It can be a way to make money with your music content, and push for maximum streams at the same time.

Apple Music: Generating Income (With Apple Music)

If you’ve just created your Apple Music account (or only started using it recently), it can seem or feel a little different to the usual social media promotion venture.

It’s not!

Here’s how to apply your Apple Music profile to turn hits into cash.

1. Good content always matters.

We live in the age of the internet, where a lot of things are available for free.

Why would someone pay for content?

That’s up to content creators to answer. Why would someone pay for yours?

People pay for things that they appreciate, they like, or they would like to see more of (and thus, they will be more likely to support).

Great content is worth money!

2. Pay attention to production value.

Within the world of downloadable audio, any content producer wants to make sure they are paying attention to the production value of their stuff.

While it might cost money to get to a higher level of production value, people will appreciate the effort (especially when it applies to their ears).

3. Promote through other social media websites.

Want the most out of your Apple Music profile?

If you are trying to monetize your Apple Music content, use your other social media websites to promote it. Channels like YouTube (and sites like Twitter) can bring users to your Apple Music profile for paid hits.

Help! I Need Somebody

Do you need a top team to take over your Apple Music promotion? We can provide 100% guaranteed organic plays for your Apple Music tracks. Contact us for more information on how.