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LinkedIn is one of the world’s top-ranked websites. Most professionals, influencers, and marketers have heard of the platform – but there are still plenty of people who have not put it to use, or aren’t sure what to do with their account.

Are you missing out?

Without a working and active LinkedIn account that works with the rest of your social media profiles, you might be limiting your own influence.

LinkedIn provides a social media platform geared for business. That’s what it does best, and in the simplest words, that’s what it is meant for.

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Here’s how users can get to know LinkedIn better (and what to do so they can get the most out of promoting their business).

More About LinkedIn

Let’s just say that LinkedIn can be called the social media behemoth of the business world.

While there are many other ways to describe what LinkedIn is and how it works, that’s the broadest definition of exactly why you should use it.

LinkedIn connects people to others. Specifically, for business.

LinkedIn: Why Use It?

LinkedIn sends out millions upon millions of messages per month to its users. It even promotes the site to many who aren’t members of LinkedIn yet, but might “lurk” to see business or staff profiles.

Use LinkedIn because it’s used by many businesses to find staff, by staff to find businesses, and by influencers all around.

Without a LinkedIn account, your business (or you as a freelancer seeking work), is underrepresented.

Once you’ve created a LinkedIn profile, you’re one step closer to being on the social media map.

For anyone in charge of a business or brand profile, that’s the point of what you do.

LinkedIn: How Can It Be Useful to Find Jobs (Or Freelance Gigs)?

LinkedIn is used by many people to seek out jobs, freelance gigs, or contacts that can lead to either of the above-mentioned things.

Your LinkedIn profile lists things like your job experience, and what you’ve studied. It’s a resume, but online, and in short.

And you can use your LinkedIn profile to visit message boards where jobs might be available, or connect directly to potential customers.

One of the most important bits of being an influencer is connections. LinkedIn helps you to create better business connections – and that’s why it’s useful.

LinkedIn: How Can It Help Businesses to Source Their Staff?

LinkedIn isn’t just for people and their individual resume details.

The same platform gets used by businesses, brands, and recruiters to find staff.

Sourcing staff via LinkedIn gives them the most essential information about who a person represents themselves as in one place.

A recruiter might get more information from someone’s social media accounts than they would from asking them questions in an interview.

Not on LinkedIn?

You’re missing out on views, hits, and potential work every time someone checks for your name and doesn’t find it there.

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