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Twitter gets credit for being one of the world’s largest social media websites. If you have something to say (and you can express your thoughts in 140 characters), Twitter is the place to be.

As an influencer, marketer, or brand professional, you can’t ignore the scope that Twitter can give you.

Don’t have a Twitter account, or want to know how to use yours to its full promotional potential?

· Get started as a Twitter influencer by creating an account first. Then, go ahead and upload your first status upload (or Tweet). (

Here’s what every content professional should know about Twitter (plus extra advice for how to market your content even better).

More About Twitter

YouTube is for marketing video content (which can cover a huge scope from music to instructions). Twitter can be used to market links that go towards content on other websites.

If you’re a business, brand, or an influencer, use Twitter.

Skip Twitter, and you’re losing out on a lot of potential favorites, shares, and views across the board.

Twitter: Why Use It?

Twitter is popular, international, and used by most of the world’s leading influencers and brands. If you choose to ignore Twitter, there’s a supermassive black hole within your promotional blanket (and your views are going to freeze up).

It’s a powerful platform.

That’s why you can’t afford to ignore your Twitter account!

Twitter: Getting Started

The outs-and-ends of having a successful Twitter account can be taught to anyone in just three steps.

Here’s how to get started on Twitter – and how to post your first Twitter content:

1. Create an account and make your profile.

The first step is creating your Twitter account. Some basic information will be needed (like your email address and Twitter handle). It’s recommended that users upload both a cover photo and a viable profile image.

2. Follow Others

If you’ve just created your Twitter account afresh, look around for interests, influencers, or other businesses that fall within your niche. Add these to your followers.


Following others gets your name around the block. It might also get others to follow your account in return.

3. Post Something

Twitter is for reading things, and posting things.

As an influencer, it’s important for your promotion and business that you do both of these things. That’s called engagement.

Start with your first post. Make it something that users will care about, like, or share. Remember that links to other social media platforms (like YouTube) can be appropriate/useful, too.

Twitter: Making the Most of It

Ready for more advanced stuff on Twitter?

Here’s how to take your Twitter account to the next level:

· Mention others in your Tweets. This is done with the @-symbol and their user name. As someone trying to get their brand name or handle out there, doing this will show your Twitter status/Tweet to others.

· Change your profile picture (and cover image) at least once every 1 or 2 weeks. Would you keep going to a profile that looked the same? Most people wouldn’t either, so keep them interested.

· Twitter is great for more than just statuses and random thoughts. Use it to share links to drive views, hits, and engagement to your other social media platforms (like YouTube).

Need Help Tweeting Stuff?

Twitter is easy to learn, but can be difficult to master – just like that damned board game. Need help? We can provide guaranteed authentic followers, likes, and retweets for your twitter account today.