How to get a Facebook username?

First of all, we should define what exactly is a “Facebook username”. And then we will explain how to get the desired username.

A Facebook username is a customized web address for your Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. We may also call it your personal Facebook Web Address. It will show up on your browser, just after the when your page is displayed. Just like in the screenshot below:

facebook username

This Facebook concept is available for both personal timelines and Facebook pages, however on this post we will focus for the usage on Facebook pages only. At this point we should also mention that your Facebook Username is different than your Facebook Page name, although you may choose the same name for both.

As you might have already noticed the Facebook username might play a crucial role for your Facebook page. Probably the most important one, would be to be able to use your own business/brand/company name as a Facebook username. Just like in the example below:

Facebook Web Address

Alternatively, you might want to use your Facebook username for something different than your business name. For example, something that will make it easier for people to find your Facebook page. Or you might want to try to get a keyword related to your business. This could also help your SEO efforts. Here is an example:

Facebook username as keyword

Among many other advantages, we may also mention that it will add credibility to your page and will show your level of professionalism.

Now that we went through the description of the concept, we will explain how to actually get your username. (custom Facebook Web address)

It is pretty straight forward. Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, simply go to:

If you have multiple pages on your account you will now have to choose which page you would like to get a username for. So your browser should look like this at this point:

Choose Facebook Username

If it doesn’t allow you to check for a username, don’t worry we will explain this further down.

Now you simply enter your desired username and the click check availability. If you are lucky enough your username will be available to use. If it is, then you will just have to confirm it. And that’s all congratulations on getting your Facebook username. Please note that Facebook will only allow you to change your username once. So please choose your username carefully.

Under certain circumstances Facebook will not allow you to choose a username for your page straight away. And you will be required to get 25 likes on your page in order to choose a username. Even-tough it might appear to be pretty easy to get 25 likes to your page, it may not be so easy every time, or on some occasions where you cannot ask your friends to like your page.

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We hope you have found our guide useful, please do not hesitate to comment or contact us if you have any enquiries.