Real Facebook Likes vs Fake Facebook Likes

One of the most asked questions about buying Facebook likes, is if the likes are coming from real people or if they are coming from fake accounts. Which of them is safer? Which one is permanent?

First of all, we need to debunk an urban legend. And that’s the one claiming that buying Facebook likes will get your page banned/disabled/suspended. Basically, this is simply untrue. Whether the likes are coming from real account or from fake accounts, any content on Facebook does not risk anything from buying likes. Out of tens of thousands of pages we have promoted so far, not a single page has been banned or suspended. Facebook only bans accounts or pages that have illegal content or contents that are against their ToS. A very simple explanation is that Facebook cannot understand if likes are coming naturally, or if you had bought for those likes. Pages are meant to go viral, and they may receive tons of likes naturally. That’s why the speed the likes are coming is irrelevant.

Fake accounts, are accounts created by real people with full info, pictures, bio, posts, etc. So, Facebook, or any other Facebook user may not even be able to distinguish if an account is fake or not. And, no system on earth would be able to detect if an account is fake or not. So, that rules out the possibility that either of the likes is safer than another, because basically those cannot be discovered with algorithms. What may very well look like a fake account might be an account used by a real person. Just like every individual has a different character, the way people use social media accounts does differ from each other.

As for the final question, there isn’t any such thing as a permanent like. After 4 years of experience in the field, we can assure you that neither real likes, nor fake likes can be permanent. And actually, fake likes are much more stable than real likes. Once you receive a like from a fake account, this like will stay on your page until that account gets disabled or closed. because once an account gets disabled, all their activity on Facebook, including their likes, are removed. Since a fake account will not go ahead and unlike your page, (unless it has been programmed to) fake likes will stay on your page as long as they are live. The longevity of a fake account depends on many factors, but we have to assure you that we have plenty fake accounts that are 8 years old and younger ones. Fake likes are stable. If you receive 50 likes, from fake accounts, then they would probably stay there at least for a year on average. However please note that you may one day loose up to 80% of your likes in a single day.

Real likes on the other hand, are not stable. since they are coming from real people, they may unlike your page whenever they want. If they do not find your page or posts interesting, they can unlike straight away. That’s why when you receive likes from real account they will fluctuate probably even daily, depending on the amount purchased. However, the possibility of losing likes suddenly is very weak. With real likes you would probably lose some for some time until it will stabilize at some point.

So, the ultimate question of real vs fake likes? We would probably encourage you to choose real likes, because on the long run they will last longer, even if they are not stable.

Please note that currently we only offer real likes coming from real people, and the likes you have bought from us are under our guarantee. So even if somehow you lose them, we will add them back. Please see our extensive range of like packages from our Facebook Likes page: