New Payment Options

In this issue, we wanted to address the new payments options and the reasons of these changes, as many of you have been enquiring.

Some of you might have already noticed that in the last few months we had a couple of days where we were not able to accept PayPal payments. The reason of these interruptions were the closure of our PayPal accounts. 

Last June, we have received an email from PayPal notifying us the closure of our account. The title of this email was “We’re initiating closure of your PayPal account”. And the email continued: “After a review of your account activity, we’ve determined that you’re in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. As a result, your account has been permanently limited and you won’t be able to conduct any further business using PayPal.” Another notable quote did say “If you have money in your PayPal balance, we’ll hold it for up to 180 days.” This PayPal account was a 12 years old PayPal account, with barely any disputes during all these years.

So in order to keep the business going, we had to use another PayPal account, until we could find out alternative payment methods. Our second PayPal received the same email in August, and this was an 18 year old account with also very minimal dispute and chargeback history.

And finally in September our third PayPal account got limited too, after which we have stopped using PayPal as a payment processor, as it was clear that we would not be able to keep up with these account closures.

Unfortunately due to the bad reputation of Digital Marketing Agencies, it has proven very difficult to take on board new payment gateways as we have been rejected by quite a few companies. Please note that we are still waiting for the finalization of our applications to multiple gateways.

What are the new payments methods we have added to our website?

Coinbase Commerce: This is currently our only payment option available in all countries, and will allow you to pay using the following crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Litecoin, Tether and USD Coin.

Klarna: This gateway is only available for clients located in UK and European Union. You will be able to pay with all major Credit and Debit Cards, however it may require you to provide your phone number for security reasons. Klarna is actually a major respected European Bank, especially strong in Scandinavian countries. For more information please visit their website:

Worldpay: Currently only available for our clients located in UK, however by the end of this week it will be available for all countries. This will be our major payment gateway, accepting all cards and a few different currencies. Also easier to use, and faster to checkout.

CashApp: Only available for our clients located in US and UK. Please note that this is not an automated gateway, but rather a temporary solution until we can integrate card processing gateways. When you choose this payment method, you will receive an additional email from us with further instructions on how to proceed with the payment. Your order will only be processed once we receive the payment, which you would need to complete manually using the CashApp application on your mobile phone.

Please note that we are still waiting to hear from more companies, and we might be able to add further payment options in the future.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the new payment methods please do not hesitate to contact us through the live chat, or our contact from which could be accessed from here: