New website design

On this post we would like to let you know about the new design of our website, and why we had to change everything.

As you may have already noticed we have changed the design of our website. Actually this is more than just a design change, as we have built a brand new website from scratch. This was a long overdue project, but it’s always very risky to change a working website, especially if everything works as intended. 

In our previous post, which you may read from here, we have mentioned why we could no longer accept PayPal. Our old website design was very limited in the payment options we could integrate into, and the fact that we had to add new payment methods was a major driving force for building a new website.

Unfortunately the issue with PayPal, made us rush this transition, and it has not been the smoothest website migration. We are still working on multiple integrations, design and content changes on our website, and it will probably take us a few months to complete everything.

Although we have completed everything needed to continue the business on the new website, we still have a lot to do in the background. Including accepting card payments worldwide, which should be completed by the end of this week.

Moving forward, we will take this opportunity to work on adding many new services, additional promotions, new content, and make our website easier to use.

One of the most exiting features of the new website, will be the availability to use your local currency in payments for the following countries: USA, UK, European Union and Canada. You will be able to choose to pay with US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euro or Canadian Dollars using the currency switcher button located on the top of our website, or on product pages.

We would very much appreciate any feedback that you may have on the new design. It could be a feature that you liked on the old website which you could no longer find, or new features that you think would be better. Please let us know from our contact page about the things you would like to see.

We do apologize for any inconveniences this rushed migration might have caused you, unfortunately there was no way around it.