Permanent Facebook Likes, is it a Myth?

Do Permanent and Stable likes really exist? Do they stay forever or will they eventually disappear? Here are our experiences.

In a nutshell, there isn’t such a thing as permanent likes. At best there may be some consistent likes, but they won’t be permanent.

As previously mentioned, the likes may be added in 2 different ways. Using fake accounts, that are created to produce all sorts of fake activities on Facebook. So those accounts are used to share links and pages; to like buttons, pages, photos, videos and posts; and to follow people. Since those are used only for those purposes, and if their activities become heavy, if they like too many pages, in a short period of time for example, then those accounts may be detected by Facebook’s sensors…. Once those accounts are flagged, Facebook would suspend those accounts, and once an account is suspended all their activities including their likes disappears from Facebook. Resulting in the loss of likes of pages which were likes by that account. Even-though we have experienced likes that have stayed on pages for over 3 years using this method, many likes have been lost too. So, 100% permanent likes using this method is near impossible. The only option would be to use those accounts very rarely, and not involve them in heavy activities, which of course is not economically viable for suppliers. And because those accounts are very likely to be in repeated activities, it is much easier for Facebook to catch on those accounts, so in our experience likes coming from fake accounts will not be permanent, and they would eventually disappear, even if takes a few years in some cases.

The other method we have discussed are real likes. Those likes are coming from real accounts, and real people are using them. they are involved in every possible activity on Facebook, so it would be really difficult for Facebook to track those accounts. But again, if those accounts are involved in heavy activities, it doesn’t really matter if they are real or not. The systems used to provide those kinds of likes are used to get likes in bulk amounts, so thousands of likes can be added using those methods easily. The difference with those likes is that, since the accounts are not under the control of the suppliers, and since they are real people, no one can predict their behaviours. So, they may unlike the page straight away, or after a certain period of time. If they do not enjoy the page, or if the find the page posting too many updates etc., they would just simply unlike the page. So usually those likes do also disappear gradually and in small quantities but steadily. On some occasions where heavy activity of the accounts was involved, we have also experienced sudden sharp drops in likes but those were much rare compared to fake likes.

So basically, if a supplier promises you stable and permanent likes, either they do not have enough experience in the sector, or they are not telling you the truth. Fake or Real, likes do drop-offs and will drop-off.

At, as a precaution we are always over-delivering our services to compensate those natural drop-offs. And our likes are guaranteed. So, if you ever fall under the amount you have purchased, we will replace those likes. So, you can always buy Facebook likes with confidence from our range of services from the following link: