Why should I buy Facebook Likes?

Why should you buy Facebook likes? Is it really worth it? What are the reasons and advantages?

On this post we will try go through all possible reasons about buying Facebook likes.

If you are a local company, a brand-new company; just created a Facebook page for your band, cause, business, etc. you might have searched online about how to get new likes for your page, getting to know the tricks. You might have wondered how your competitors have so many likes on their pages. Sooner or later, you will come to the conclusion that they pretty much all have chosen the easy way: to buy Facebook likes. With the competition increasing every day in the sector, the prices of likes have dramatically decreased since those kinds of services have started to be given.

With the current number of pages, and competitors already on Facebook, it is pretty much impossible to get noticed on Facebook, if you are not someone already very social and active on social networks, or if you do not know someone that is. And the other real alternative is to actually buy your likes (fans). With the current prices they are pretty much affordable for every budget. Therefore, probably the main reason to buy Facebook likes, is because there aren’t any other alternatives to increase the amount of likes on your Facebook page.

And why would you want to increase the amount of likes on your Facebook page then? There are many reasons for that, and we will try to go through all of them.

Competition: This is more relevant if you are a local company, a local band, a new business and so on. Your competition already has a Facebook page, and they have tons of likes on their page. So obviously you will want to have at least as many likes as them, if not more. So, you decide to buy Facebook likes for your page.

Credibility: You are a new company or might even be an established company, and you have noticed how the marketing world has changed over the past decade, and decided to give the social media networks a try. So, you have opened a Facebook page, and obviously you will want to use and display your social media accounts on your digital and printed marketing materials. But wait a second! Do you really want to use the page that only has a handful of likes on it? Does it look legit? Do you look like an established and professional company? Is your business credible? Maybe you should consider getting more likes on your page before marketing it?

SEO: Even-though the amount of likes on your Facebook page might not be as heavily weighted as it used to be, it is still a very important tool, and it will definitely do some good to your SEO efforts. At least that’s what your SEO expert or geek friend next door has been telling you about. So again, you will go online and do a google search for where to buy Facebook likes.

Facebook Username: As previously mentioned on a previous post, on certain occasions or accounts Facebook might ask you get 25 likes before you can choose your unique Facebook URL. And this could prove to be extremely important for your brand. So, you are all excited about your new company, and you have a very good marketing plan. So, one of the first things you do is to check the domains names suitable for your business, and also the social media accounts. At some point you go to Facebook, create a new page, and when to try to get your Facebook.com/yourbrandname URL, Facebook tells you that you first need 25 likes on your page before you can get your unique username. You are all stressed out, so you decide to buy 25 likes for your Facebook page in order to secure your unique Facebook web address.

Show-off: Could probably find more than a million reasons to show-off your Facebook page, and most probably personal reasons. So, you might want to buy Facebook likes to your page simply to show-off.